PuppyLinuxFAQ for Fun Answers to Puppy Linux Questions

Dec 25, 2009 - PuppyLinuxFAQ is ready with fun answers to questions in Puppy Linux!

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It's Christmas, but Puppyite is still busy updating PuppyLinuxFAQ, a Web facility for answering common questions in Puppy Linux (starting with Puppy version 4.2.1 (also numbered 4.21 or called Deep Thought).

Started in mid-November, 2009, PuppyLinuxFAQ is meant to answer newbie questions with as simple and "Window-ish" answers as possible (explanations based on Windows usage). The site is therefore perfect for people just starting to learn Linux.

The author, Puppyite, explains: "My plan for the future of the Puppy Linux FAQ: I’m adding new material daily. Right now you can read articles ranging from using the GUI to loading SFS files. I intend to document every aspect of the Puppy Linux operating system. My initial offerings cover basic tasks but soon I’ll branch out to more esoteric areas. The Puppy Linux FAQ will have something to interest Linux users of all skill levels. I recommend that everyone visits the site right now: www.puppylinuxfaq.org. Prepare to be Impressed!"

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Tutorial - Puppy 430 in USB by Alex Gotev

Nov 11, 2009 - Alex Gotev's tutorial for USB install of Puppy Linux 4.30 (updated to 4.31) in GALLUG's Linux Day 2009 has been translated to Spanish by Nestor Gabriel. This makes Alex Gotev's tutorial available in the following languages:




Read about Alex Gotav's school project at Novara, Italy.

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There is a book by Grant Wilson downloadable as PDF, click here.

A work-in-progress English Manual is available in the main site (click here to view).

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