Fatdog64 Releases and Updates

October 26, 2014 - QUICK UPDATE: Fatdog64 700 beta 2 is released, see the Forum discussion.

Since July 2010, Kirk and Jamesbond have been releasing new versions and updates of Fatdog64 (64-bit Puppy Linux). Each major release has matching PETs and SFSs. Go to Fatdog64's website for a quick start.

Fatdog64 desktop

The Linux kernel is always the cutting-edge version at the time of release and the window manager is Openbox /LXPanel. Fatdog has always included the latest Firefox, GIMP (image editor), and KINO (video editor). Its default wallpaper started with the classic Seagull that was with Puppy Linux version 1. Fatdog may be traditional in looks but it is bleeding-edge in content!

Download the newest ISO from ibiblio (click here to open the ISO folder) - note that the most recent build uses the highest version number. Additional packages like PETs are installed from the package manager, while SFS can be downloaded from here - to use SFS, copy to /mnt/home and reboot (this assumes that you are already using a save file). Read here about the SFS.

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