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Oct 30, 2009 - Opera Browser Suite was updated to version 10.01.

Since March 2009, Forum member Mikhalis from Greece has been releasing different builds of Opera:

"Opera [as] static pet, with separate pets for the languages, flashblocker and adblocker. Also 2 portable versions one default with all the languages and one a bit customized and tweaked with only in english."

Download Opera PET (~10 mb) and locales (~3 mb)

The portable versions are in a tar.gz form not pet and so you can extract them to anywhere you want outside from the pup save file like other partition or a usb flash drive. Also they can be used from different puppys. Even more if you are using windows you can link the window version to use the profile folder made in the place where you extracted the files and so have the same profile folder. The profile folder is where the user settings are stored.

In order to launch opera from the portables versions you only need to click in the opera file that you will see. You can also link it to your desktop or anywhere you want. Unfortunately there is no menu entry because it's portable..

The first version is just clean plain Opera with all the locales. The second one [the customized] is Opera with flash-block and ad-block out of the box and a little bit tweaked and puppy-made by me.

Download the first version (~12 mb) and the second version (~9 mb).

For feedback, go to Mikhalis' Forum post.

For Firefox-based Puppy browsers, look here.

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