Puppy Linux 4.4 Testing in Progress

April 20, 2010 - Technosaurus has announced the first 4.4 alpha in the Forum.

The pre-release versions of the 4.4 CE are for testing and comments. Many programs have been updated and recompiled by Technosaurus and the team, and they request you to please report any unusable or otherwise annoying changes that you encounter.

The pup44-a1 iso is available here.

The bug tracker is here.

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Dpup Offers New Tricks - A Debian Puppy!

January 25, 2010 - dPup, Debian-based Puppy is now in 484 beta4.

dpup desktop

Feature List:

* Firefox 3.6 with Flash Player 10 and Chatzilla.
* First Boot Wizard.
* Visual Control Panel (Desktop Icon).
* Mplayer media player.
* Custom music player (BMP-based on xmms).
* Screensaver with quickstart tray button.
* Gparted 0.4.8 and file system support for ext4.
* Wallpaper setting with preview.
* Laptop Webcam Viewer.
* StreamIt 1.0 Video Streaming client.
* Parcellite clipboard utility.
* Transmission BitTorrent Client.
* Putty SSH Client.
* Remote Desktop Client (rdp).
* VNC Client.
* Drec 2.1 Desktop Recorder.
* Quick Screenshot utility with tray button.
* Load/Eject CD/DVD by tray button.
* GtkLP Printer Management.
* Native installer for Debian/Ubuntu deb files.
* Xarchive with support for xz.
* LX Task Manager.
* Pburn 3.1.8 CD/DVD burning application.
* Abiword 2.8.1/Gnumeric office applications.
* Rox context menu MD5sum text file creation.
* Graphical Shutdown Wizard.
* Latest updates to core Puppy Applications.
* Complete backend upgrade and gcc-4.4.2 devx

Plus much more...and of course that Puppy Linux feeling.

Download from here.

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OpenOffice Packages

You can get the latest OpenOffice software packages here:

User = puppy Password = linux

The list of packages and explanations for different languages are here: http://puppylinux.org/wikka/OpenOffice

Take note that sfs4 version is required by Puppy 4.3.1 (You may need to first convert an sfs3 format to sfs4: see Menu-Utility-SFS Convert). Puppy 4.3.1 will prompt you for this if the OpenOffice sfs is in an old format.

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Debian-based Dpup Beta

Dpup 484beta3 is released.

Dpup is Puppy Linux based on Debian. It is able to use Debian packages.

See the wiki:


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Adobe Flash Player for Linux


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One-Click Puppy in Windows

Nov 3, 2009 - One-Click Puppy 4.3.1 in Windows is released by Forum member puppymartin.

Today I made a Puppy 4.3.1 QEMU-install. Sound doesn't work after reboot and it is not very fast, but it is fun. (also installed 4.3.1 in Virtual PC Windows 7. It was very fast.)

Windows only: download, unzip and click "Start_Puppy.bat" this file [zip].

For feedback, see puppymartin's Forum post.

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Browser Suites for Puppy - Firedog, Firepup

Nov 1, 2009 - Older but faster Mozilla-based browsers are available as PET packages for Puppy Linux:

FIREDOG - Released in late October 2009 by Forum member sc0ttman, Firedog uses Firefox (last of the 2 series) with lots of added extensions, such as "E-Mail, News, IRC Client, FTP Client, WYSIWYG Editor, Flash Player, help-viewer & more..." Adobe Flash 9 is included (old and speedy), which you can update to a newer version. See the Forum post.

Download the Firedog 1.2 PET 14.4 MB, md5sum = 2b9b4976f2f8d0684c120b0f2e367bbd

FIREPUP - If you want an older build than Firedog, try Firepup by ttuuxxx. Firepup is based on Firefox 1.5 and contains few essential add-ons, among them are Flashblock and ChatZilla.

Download the Firepup PET 11.6 MB, md5sum = 42346ae07eb75d62f32d001759be6494

Opera - see Drive-Resident Browser.

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Drive-Resident Opera Browser

Oct 30, 2009 - Opera Browser Suite was updated to version 10.01.

Since March 2009, Forum member Mikhalis from Greece has been releasing different builds of Opera:

"Opera [as] static pet, with separate pets for the languages, flashblocker and adblocker. Also 2 portable versions one default with all the languages and one a bit customized and tweaked with only in english."

Download Opera PET (~10 mb) and locales (~3 mb)

The portable versions are in a tar.gz form not pet and so you can extract them to anywhere you want outside from the pup save file like other partition or a usb flash drive. Also they can be used from different puppys. Even more if you are using windows you can link the window version to use the profile folder made in the place where you extracted the files and so have the same profile folder. The profile folder is where the user settings are stored.

In order to launch opera from the portables versions you only need to click in the opera file that you will see. You can also link it to your desktop or anywhere you want. Unfortunately there is no menu entry because it's portable..

The first version is just clean plain Opera with all the locales. The second one [the customized] is Opera with flash-block and ad-block out of the box and a little bit tweaked and puppy-made by me.

Download the first version (~12 mb) and the second version (~9 mb).

For feedback, go to Mikhalis' Forum post.

For Firefox-based Puppy browsers, look here.

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software packages

http://puppy:[email protected]/tpp/
http://puppy:[email protected]/members/

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Puppy 4.3.1-release-candidate

From Barry's blog:

Puppy 4.3.1 is a bug-fix release of 4.3...

It is still a release candidate, to be used for testing if bugs in 4.30 have been removed.

Download the RC-1 ISO from here.

Breaking News: RC-2 is ready, get it from here. See Barry's post about RC-2.

Note that for RC-1, you can get the new Puppy files directly from the "inside-iso" subdirectory (ie, no need to get the ISO).

For service pack-style update for your system, get the PET here. After downloading, click on it to update your 4.30 install (or pup_save.2fs) to 4.31.

Please report bugs in the Forum.

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