Puppy 4.3 "pre-beta" available

This release will be the next in the 4 Series.
Described as "not-quite-beta-quality-but-maybe-is".

Get it from here:

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Puppyspace Pet Store Now Open

petstore logo


From the site: "This site is a repository for Puppy Linux 3rd Party Packages and miscellaneous library files.

Registered Puppy Linux users and developers will have the ability to upload their work to the Pet Store, so all community members can download and install the fine software developed for or ported to Puppy Linux."

Forum Discussion

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About PL

What is Puppy Linux?

Puppy Linux is an operating system for computers. Other well-known operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and MS-DOS. Puppy Linux is based on GNU/Linux. It is completely free and open source software.

Is there a HowTo?

HowTo for Puppy Linux. Also try the WikiBook, or the Getting Started in the Forum.

How is Puppy Different?

  • Small size, around 100MB! This lends itself to some very useful and unique features
  • 'Live' booting from CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, and other portable media.
  • Runs from RAM, making it unusually fast for older or modern PCs and netbooks with solid state CF drives
  • Very low minimum system requirements
  • Boot time, well under a minute, on most systems 30-40 secs
  • Usability and Compatibility
  • Includes range of applications: wordprocessors, spreadsheets, internet browsers, games and image editors. Extra software in the form of dotpets. There is a Puppy Software Installer included
  • Puppy is easy to use and little technical knowledge is assumed. Hardware is automatically detected.

What are Puppy's Aims?

Puppy Linux Mission Statement (Barry Kauler):

  • Puppy will easily install to USB, Zip or hard drive media
  • Booting from CD, Puppy will load totally into RAM so that the CD drive is then free for other purposes
  • Puppy will be extremely friendly for Linux newbies
  • Puppy will boot up and run extraordinarily fast
  • Puppy will have all the applications needed for daily use
  • Puppy will just work, no hassles
  • Puppy will breathe new life into old PCs

How is Puppy organised?

It depends on what is trying to be achieved
Version 4.2 of Puppy is run by project leader Warren Willson
Individual projects are run by individuals or a core cell of individuals
Because Puppy is both flexible and fast, we can set up an organization as required for a given aim

Who owns Puppy?

We all do. Puppy is covered by the LGPL license, an open source license

Who created Puppy?

Puppy Linux was first released in June 2003 by Barry Kauler The community, is completely organic, without any formal agenda or structure. It often takes newcomers a while to realise that there aren't really any rules to Puppy, if you want to do something, make a new Puplet, offer your skills or take things in a new direction . . .

Where does the name come from?

"The real Puppy, the mascot for Puppy Linux, was a very tiny dog, a Chihuahua, but totally fearless. He didn't seem to know that he was vulnerable because of his small size. Once when my sister was visiting my country property, she brought her Blue Heeler, a very solid middle-sized dog named Muti. We were out walking, and suddenly there was a substantial rustling of branches of a large bush, something was in or behind the bush. Muti took fright and ran back behind the legs of my sister, whereas Puppy got into launch position in front of the bush and barked furiously. It turned out to be my dad playing a trick on the dogs. Puppy used to chase kangaroos and other big wild animals. Anyway, Puppy Linux is like that, reckless, unshackled, in memory of the mascot" - Barry Kauler

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Get Started

Download: From Ibiblio site
MD5 Checksum: 5f9febefd6ce70db1bb2d8538f4e2786
ISO Size: 100MB


Download using the BitTorrent protocol

The Many Ways of Using Puppy Linux

4.2.1 Release Announcement [2009-05-22]
4.2.1 Release Notes

4.2 Release Announcement [2009-03-28]
4.2 Release Notes

Free technical support available from the official Puppy Linux forum.
Download mirrors (some of which may provide faster downloads):
[user=puppy, password=linux]
Standard and Retro versions available
(Retro version with older kernel is for computers which do not boot with the newer kernel)

Potential system software upgrades
Suggested software upgrades
homebank-4.0.2 with OFX support enabled

Disclaimer: Although every effort is made by Barry Kauler, the creator of Puppy Linux, to ensure that these official releases are stable and nice to your computer, no warranty of merchantability can be given. Please read his disclaimer (at the bottom of this external page) before using Puppy Linux.

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The Puppy Linux Community

The Puppy Linux Community was started by Puppy Linux creator Barry Kauler when he put his work online on June 18, 2003.

Barry's site that was initially at goosee.com is now at puppylinux.com with the gray Puppy logo. Click on the logo below to view Barry's site.

Puppy Linux logo

The old website goosee.com is still online, but it now contains EVE, Barry's Embedded Vector Editor, and some personal information about Barry. Click on the logo below to view Barry's site for EVE.

EVE by Barry

The small community started a forum and then a community site. These are now the murga-linux.com/puppy Forum and puppylinux.org. Click on the icons below to visit the sites.

phpbb logo
Main Forum
Puppy Linux logo
Main Site

From the main community site, the news and wikka wiki can be accessed. There are also links to the Forum and Barry's blog and download pages. Click on the icons below to visit the wiki and news sites.

Super Puppy
Wikka Wiki
Puppy Linux logo
News and Archives

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417 alpha available

barry's-dogYet another alpha! Get it from here

Note there are several isos to choose from depending on harware etc.

Blog Announcement

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Test Puplet

Just starting to figure out how sNews works here.

Let me try adding an image now.


  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • Feature 4

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Our News Site

Welcome to the Puppy Linux News site!

This will be the official community news site.

The multi-user news site is running on sNews, a fantastic CMS that uses only 2 files together with a MySQL backend.

In this, my first use of the editing page, I saw BB-like buttons for adding HTML code (see the image below). Note that BR inserts a hard break while Break splits the article into a teaser for the front page and a full article for viewing.

editing in sNews

You should tick the "Publish" box as well as choose a category under "Customize" for your article to be correctly placed in the site. Filling in the META information will help the search engines index your page.

Admins have access to the image uploading feature via the Admin - Files menu item. Files can be uploaded into folders as long as the folder name is not "files". The folder available for uploading is named "userfiles". Avoid uploading to the "root" folder (..) as this will clutter the main directory.

Feel free to test and hack sNews. As to the current theme, it is here (breaking news theme).

Please post your comments, suggestions and themes/images at the Murga Forum.


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