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Added by raffy October 29, 2009 (8:21PM)

Tico on June 26, 2010 (12:50PM)

We are beginning a translation project to use Puppy Linux in Portuguese. Go to the forum and help us!

Nós estamos começando um projeto de tradução para usar o Puppy Linux em português. Vá para o fórum e nos ajude!



hector1985 on June 4, 2010 (7:03PM)

If you whish to translate into a german site,feel free
to contact me !
[email protected]

hector1985 on June 4, 2010 (6:58PM)

Please, your website is very welcome in Germany
if you have the means translate it into german!

Leonardo on February 23, 2010 (3:13AM)

puppylinux in Brazilian Portuguese. Please :)

Search for Succi or Brazilian.

musher0 on February 5, 2010 (10:33PM)

ToutouLinux 4.3.1 is out! / est sorti !

Téléchargez-le de : / Download it from:


For our English-speaking friends who may not be familiar with it, ToutouLinux is the French localization of Puppy.

The forum thread is here: / Le fil de discussion est ici :


Reader on January 18, 2010 (12:13PM)

Search for Portuguese or Succi

thiago on January 18, 2010 (1:33AM)

puppy linux in Brazilian Portuguese

alexandre on January 11, 2010 (10:03PM)

It was very nice, if the support to 3D video card (nvidia and ati), I have gforce 4 and my girlfriend has gforce 5200, and games with solitare = the windows xp solitare, and pinball...
puppy is very nice linux

alexandre on January 11, 2010 (9:53PM)

puppy linux em Brazilian Portuguese, it`s good idea, because in Brazil has many older pcs...

Kálmán Staudinger on November 19, 2009 (10:27AM)

Hi, im skami and i am so glad to see that you found my site. We also have puplets and PET files, mostly in Hungarian language, of course.

Thank you putting our link here.


raffy on November 7, 2009 (4:50PM)

Try hunting for your language here. or look at puplets. Is molinux Spanish?

leo on November 6, 2009 (6:44PM)

puppy español please.

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